Dance Fighter I, organised by The Flux Collective, is a 1 v 1 open styles battle, modelled after the classic video game, Street Fighter.

In the 1 v 1 fighting video game, players in Street Fighter are given choices on their characters which have unique skill sets and moves. Each round has a limited time frame and both players fight at the same time.

Much like Street Fighter, dancers that join our competition are able to decide what genre/style they would like to compete in, only engage in 1 v 1 battles with a limited time frame, and unlike other competitions and street battles - both dancers will be dancing at the same time.

*Violence is strictly prohibited*


1. Participants gets paired randomly with another participant (regardless of genre)

2. Participants that are paired with each other chooses a song from our playlist

3. The pair battle it out in a 99 seconds battle

4. Judges decide immediately on who wins the round

5. Winning participant goes on to the next round

    (competition is structured in a tournament style manner)

6. Competition continues until we have a grand champion


Dancers will be judged based on 3 criteria:

  1. CREATIVITY : Creativity of movements. Dancers may be rewarded if moves are linked to Street Fighter

  2. MUSICALITY : Good connection and interpretation of the music

  3. REACTIVITY : Like Street Fighter, dancers have to engage each other in the battle. Dancers will be rewarded for showcasing reactions to the moves from the other dancer. 


So long as you're above the age of 12 (for safety reasons), you'll be allowed to participate in Dance Fighter! We welcome dancers from any

genre, school and community to join us.

Due to the nature of the competition, we will only accept the first 32 signups.