Our Instructors

  Charlene Clyde

Charlene started her dance training at the age of three with Attitude Performing Arts Studio. She joined the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts(NAFA) Diploma in Dance Programme in 2015 and is a recipient of the NAFA scholarship for 2017. Charlene is a versatile dancer and has performed many works for Esplanade Da:ns Festival –The Third Space (2016) & The Next Generation (2017) and CROSSINGS(NAFA) in 2016 & 2018. She has been active in the competitive dance scene since young and has won numerous awards in various dance competitions locally and abroad. During her time in NAFA, she has performed in Esplanade Da:ns Festival –The Third Space (2016) and The Next Generation (2017) and CROSSINGS(NAFA) in 2016 & 2018. Most particularly, Charlene attended dance intensives at Batsheva Dance Company(Israel) (2018) and East point West| Interdisciplinary Festival of Embodiment (2018) .

Charlene's workshop will be a combination of an improvisation class together and a jam session.

Jia Sheng  

With a street dance and gymnastics background, Jia Sheng hopes to offer a different dynamic and approach to contemporary dance. Jia Sheng moved from street dance to contemporary as flow and extensions has always intrigued him. With influential and engaging artists like Michael Dameski and Sean Lew as his inspirations, he wishes to push the boundary of what the human body can do.


Jia Sheng sincerely believes that body and spatial awareness will definitely expand the possibilities in your movement - and will be exploring these elements in his workshop. His workshop aims to be stress-free for students and open to all!

  Renee Daphne

A graduate from the School Of The Arts, Singapore, with a strong background in contemporary dance, Renee developed passion in choreography and has choreographed for multiple dance groups in Singapore. With her unique style, her choreographies are dynamic and provide something new for not only audiences but dancers as well.

Renee's workshop will consists of a warm-up, breathing and weight shifts exercises, followed by a contemporary choreography with urban influences.


Sub started dancing out of love for hip hop music, eventually going on to explore contemporary dance in NUS Dance Ensemble. He got exposed to different movement philosophies thanks to his seniors and found an affinity with Southeast Asian forms as well, eventually joining Maya Dance Theatre in 2016. Through the company's focus on dance theatre drawing from contemporary and Bharatanatyam, Sub has developed an interest in finding the human moments in all forms of dance, sparking an exploration into hip hop where it all started for him.

Sub's workshop will revolve around Reacting to Situations Through Movement. Dancers will use a single movement and discover new perspectives about that movement, creating a story of their own and interacting with the people and situation around them to develop that story. They will mostly improvise within the setting of a "dinner table". 


Xenres started his dance journey in 2016 at the age of 19. Auditioned and entered Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in July 2016.  Since then, Xenres was given many opportunities to be part of numerous performances both in-school and collaboration with outside companies. Major performances including NAFA’s 80th Anniversary SEED Opening Ceremony, NAFA 80th Anniversary Crossings 2018 Showcase and recent Crossings 2019. Multiple of Xenres’s works have been chosen by the school to be featured in performances such as Dancers@Work, Phenomenon One, Intensify II, NAFA Scholarship Tea Session, NAFA Open House Showcase. Xenres also competed in the first Contemporary Dance competition by The Flux Collective as top prize winner “Judge’s Choice” with his own choreography in September 2018. Presently, Xenres is currently a recent graduate of NAFA, freelancing works and expanding his horizons by reaching out to the community.

Xenres' workshop will focus on contemporary techniques and somatic practices to balance the body and the mind.