1. Who can enter Flux Dance Competition 2018 (FDC2018)?

This competition is open to all youths aged 16 - 25 (age as of 31 December 2018). 


2. Do I have to represent a school in order to participate in this competition?

No, it is not necessary for participants to represent any academic school or dance club in order to join this competition.


3. Are there any registration fees?

Yes, there are registration fees that differ for the solo category and the group category.

  • Solo category: $20 per participant

  • Group category: $80 per group

Registration is now closed! If you had trouble registering with us due to technical issues, kindly drop us an email at or drop us a message on our CONTACT US page so we can assist you through registration.




1. What genre does FDC2018 focus on?

FDC2018 mainly focuses on the contemporary dance genre. However, the way individuals interpret contemporary dance is ever-changing (always in flux!), thus, we are keeping an open mind and are excited to see some interesting takes on contemporary dance! 


2. What can I gain out of this competition?

All participants will be provided with individualised feedback from all 3 judges, regardless of which stage of the competition they make it to. Being dancers ourselves, the team at TFC believes that it is important for us dancers to be able to understand our areas of weakness and strength in order to make tangible progress in our own dance trajectory.


FDC also places an equal emphasis on choreography, as we do on execution. Hence, the competition is not only a platform for participants to showcase and improve on their technical and execution skills, but also one that requires participants to learn about the creative processes behind dance choreography.


3. Who are the judges for FDC2018?

TFC has chosen to invite industry professionals that are currently active in the contemporary dance scene in Singapore, as we believe that there is no better way to learn than from those who know best.  

Our judges are Christina Chan, Hong Guofeng and Yarra Ileto. To find out more about them, click here.


4. What are the various accolades that FDC2018 will award? 

With different strengths and weaknesses, we acknowledge that it is possible to have different types of winners. Thus in the accolades we will be awarding four different accolades for both the solo category, and the group category.

Namely, Best Execution, Best Choreography, Judges' Choice and Audience Choice. 




1. I wish to participate in FDC2018, however I am facing some financial difficulties. Is there any way that I can still participate?

Do drop us an email at, we want to help!


2. Where can I find more detailed information about FDC2018?

You can find more detailed information about the competition on our Rules and Regulations page here.


3. How can I stay updated on the competition? 

You can follow us on our socials, mainly Instagram and Facebook